| Hillary Clinton’s simply got it wrong; she lost this, she’s on the wrong side of justice for humanity

So damn disgusting! While Hillary Clinton’s busy being offended by a “… grabbing” obnoxious ex-close friend who managed to win the most improbable and stunning victory over her elitist, statist self-reflective pre-ordained Presidential bid, she’s busy telling principled Pacifists and Progressives who can’t get the time of day in her neo-liberal, crony capitalist-corporatist Democratic Party that they are sexists and to be held account for choosing to reject her myopic, war-mongering dirty dealings.

Truth and perspective — Tens of thousands of world citizens are just as dead today as they were when Cheney (and arguably Bush Jr.) and his crew lied for many of the same reasons that Hillary holds dear — imperialism and globalism. She directed this. I refuse to be impressed by those who see human and civil rights as a USA-nationalized privilege for its poor and oppressed while filling the graves of people’s in other sovereign nations and creating and/or adding to a whole class of poor and oppressed. There is way too large of a crowd today who can’t distinguish “mutualism” from “statism” and by their naivety or maybe even design are yet again ruining the opportunity for parity. And from the other side, there are way too many people who can’t distinguish democratically elected “fascism” from “liberty” and by their naivety or design are ruining the opportunity for equal opportunity.

Add to the above, in the same breath no less, Clinton says that every woman who by accident of birth carries European genetics (read white) who voted for Trump is either a mindless adult or an abused woman. I’m looking for those nose rings and beat down sticks (tongue in cheek). Seriously lost is this human who seeks to elevate herself as a first among women, who’s spite and malice belies the gentler humanity women have begged of me my entire life. How her parallel sexist verbal diarrhea isn’t called out by the mainstream media and the so-called liberals is stunning. While Trump is unceasingly and vigorously defined as an expression of his electorate (which I believe is the case), I offer this — so then is Hillary Clinton. If she speaks for her electorate, then I truly am an isolated human.

It’s not fanciful dreaming that has me demanding parity in environment, culture and reasoned outcome across each community. It’s out of love and compassion. It’s out of a complete lack of patience for incrementalism which leaves 5% benefiting from systemic rules of governance, while the balance accept table-scraps as a substitute for parity simply because at least they aren’t in harm’s way. Those who wish to see the USA Democratic Party rise up and defeat the expression that is Trump are challenged to develop their moral courage and tell Hillary she’s directly responsible for her own defeat and her personal brand and brand of politics is not wanted.

#neverHillary, #neverTrump, #chooseParity


“Sheryl ended this really sobering conversation by saying that women will have no empathy for you, because they will be under tremendous pressure – and I’m talking principally about white women – they will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for ‘the girl,'” Clinton said.

She added, “And we saw a lot of that during the primaries from Sanders supporters, really quite vile attacks online against women who spoke out for me; as I say, one of my biggest support groups, Pantsuit Nation, literally had to become a private site because there was so much sexism directed their way.”

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